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What exactly is search engine optimisation or SEO

Resulting in more traffic to and through your site. The more you make the engines “happy”, the higher and more prominent the listing your site is given. This prominent listing significantly increases your sites chances of being discovered… an important part of attracting visitors to your site. The ultimate goal of any search engine optimisation campaign should be brand new streams of traffic to the client’s web site and attracting the most qualified and valuable leads available! This is exactly what a visitor referred to your site by a search engine is and will be!

Why search engine optimisation?

Search engine optimization is not difficult to justify at all since more website traffic comes from search engine referrals than all other means combined. In fact, it is now known that 85% of all web sites are found through a search engine. This is huge. If your web site isn’t getting much traffic, it is more than likely because the search engine aspect of your online marketing has been at least somewhat overlooked, plain and simple.

The two biggest reasons that make search engine optimization an attractive and clear choice are:

  1. 1) Effectiveness
  2. 2) Return on Investment

No other marketing method for your website is as effective or efficient as search engine optimization. One of the primary reasons for this is the fact that the leads that it draws in are extremely qualified (often already prepared to buy. This is because every searcher performs each query with a unique search term or phrase that predefines their intent). Another huge advantage of SEO is that the results are far more lasting. Once the hard work is done and your pages are optimized, your company can reap the benefits of the changes made for possibly even years! This cannot be said for other marketing methods.

SEO is also extremely fast, has a vastly broader reach than other marketing methods (is the entire world broad enough for you?), it is very low maintenance. It is the obvious choice for any company who wishes to establish a lasting presence on the internet.