Overwatch overview

When Overwatch was barely announced, it already had a community that neither Rainbow Six: Siege nor even Splatoon dreamed of. The Internet was circulating funny pictures of a hero who was hormonally addicted and grew into a Korean, and a cowboy who always had an hour of reckoning on his watch. Meanwhile, by the frequency of requests for Pornhub, the new game is dangerously close to Minecraft. As a result, Overwatch is on everyone’s ears, it already has a future, and it seems to be quite beautiful.

And the first Blizzard shooter is bold, calculated to the smallest detail, played with some incomprehensible, unbearable ease, and there is nothing superfluous in it. But it is not so important anymore, right? If you want to try the game, first you should visit Here you will have the opportunity to find many interesting things.

This is not a MOBA

The main thing that should be marked at once: it is not MOBA. There is no pumping inside the game, there is no equipment, only players fight, death by a single hit to the head – a common thing, and the tasks are extremely clear: two teams of six people trying to capture (or defend) the point or escort (or prevent) the cart. The only thing that Overwatch reminds of League of Legends, Dota 2 and others are heroes. They are conditionally divided into four classes, and each has its own set of cool stuff that they can do from time to time.

There are twenty-one heroes against nine classes in Team Fortress 2, with which Overwatch is commonly compared, and they are collected quite compactly: each has one gun, two or three active skills and ultimative ability, which can be activated after filling out the scale. A little bit, but enough to feel like this hero.

When you are Winston, you are a smart gorilla, downloading half a map and from time to time turning on the mode “I am not a scientist, I destroy” to become twice as strong and throw enemies. When you are a Tracer, you are a nasty little flea that flutters in space, laughs, annoys everybody and every time manages to slip away. Once you turn out to be a Reaper, you start playing the gloomy supersass in a black hoodie and materialize at the enemies’ backs without any skill, but with some cool phrase to make everyone pay attention to you, and then get from shotgun to face.

The heroes are arranged so that they really stand out. Everyone is characterized by some strong, defining moment when, playing against him, you will hate him, and playing for – feel like a king of cereal. A good Tracer is worse than gangrene, to meet in the backside with a homing Tesla gun Winston wouldn’t want any sniper, and one timely planted Reaper’s “ultra” is enough to turn the whole team into screaming kids.

Or here is May. Can we take a minute and talk about this cold-blooded monster with an angelic face? About the icy devil, which joyfully proclaims: “This world is worth fighting for!” – and throws the innocent “Excuse me!” as if he just accidentally hit a man with his elbow in the subway, but did not drive him to paralysis, did not look into his frightened eyes and did not put a sharp sharpened saliva in his forehead? This cute Chinese woman with the formation of a climatologist is played as the worst incarnation of the super villain Killer Frost or that snowman-killer from the horror movie with 7% on Rotten Tomatoes. And there’s nothing you can do about it but keep playing for it: the sadist inside is very fond of pissing off the other team (and his too) by appearing in front of his nose.

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